Browsing and searching

Animstreet contains 1000’s of motion capture clips. You can browse animstreet in two different modes: teaser mode and list mode.

Teaser mode displays a 2D preview for each motion clip and some basic information.
List mode displays more motion clips per page with more information.
You can also sort the list by title, owner, date or price.
Choose whichever mode best suits your needs.

If you already know which type of motion clips your are looking for, you can use the real-time search engine. Enter keywords and it will return the most relevant motion clips. You can also use search filters.

Once you have found great motion clips for your use, you can buy them. Most of them are free so you can immediately add them to your own library. Others require you to pay a fixed amount of credits. Depending on your credit balance, you can buy them immediately or you will be requested to deposit credits to your wallet.

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