Become a seller

Creating a seller account

either you are an established motion capture provider or a kinect enthusiast you can use animstreet to sell your motion clips. You need an animstreet account to become a seller. Just click on the share icon on top of the website. You will be asked to send us an email to and to provide the following informations :

1. attach a bvh sample you want to share
2. informations about your motion capture system
3. informations about you or your company

Once validated by our team your account will show the share option at top of the page and a selling tab appears in your account details. Please be patient, it could take up to 48h to review your demand.

How fees apply

Animstreet is charging 20% on your sales.

For example someone buy a motion clip costing 20 credits, you will receive 16 credit and animstreet 4 credits.

The share button

when clicking the share button, the upload window appears

1. you have to choose a file on your local hard drive by clicking the Browse… button.
2. click the upload button to start the transfer

then you can edit the description and price of your new upload. Take care to explicitly describe the motion to provide a more accurate result when searching for a motion capture clip.
Exemple : slow walk performed by a female compatible with motion builder hierarchy. Motion captured with a 12 cameras vicon T40 system.

FPS and duration are automatically filled in.

The Selling tab

under your account details there’s a new tab entitled Selling. Here you can find a summary of your sales. You can sort by year or by products.

Configuring your payments

When you sale motion capture clips your wallet is automatically credited . Your current balance represents the credits you have on animstreet.

1 credit = 0,1$

At any moment you can withdraw credits from your wallet. The minimum amount for withdrawing is 100 credits (10$). Charges apply when withdrawing (see below)

To configure your payment address go in the wallet details and click the Withdraw button. The Withdraw window appears. At the bottom of this window you can Change your payment processor identifiers. Just enter your PayPal identifier in the field and click save. You can now withdraw credits by entering the Amount to withdraw field and clicking Withdraw.


We are also applying fees on withdrawal to pay the payment processor website* . This amount is a 8% fee of your total withdraw. For example if you withdraw 100 credits (10$) you will receive 9,2$ on your PayPal account. 0,8$ are used to pay the payment processor website*.

We are not charging fees when buying credits.

  • for the moment we only support Paypal accounts.

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